The Immortal's Saga 2

Released October 2013 Amber Quill Press



GENRE: Paranormal

COVER ART: Allison Cassatta

Skip ahead thirteen years, and Steffi Gebauer is a well-adjusted teenager with her life mapped out. Her future looks bright, and on the cusp of her eighteenth birthday, things couldn’t be better. She has great role models, a great boyfriend, awesome friends and phenomenal grades.

Then her life starts to fall apart.

Steffi’s now being hunted--unbeknownst to her--by the very evil that once hunted her parents. Only this time, Aurelia finds the young Dhamphir much easier prey than Mommy and Daddy had been. Aurelia sets out to control the girl through Vampiric powers and ancient blood, attemping to make her one of Aurelia’s blessed children.

But there’s one boy from Steffi’s past who has a chance of saving her, whose heart is pure and love is deep, whose will is strong and strength is plentiful, and he’ll sacrifice his life to keep her safe.

Will Steffi be strong enough to fight Aurelia? Will the human who loves Steffi be man enough to keep her, or will the boy from her past steal her away?

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