"Diamond Eyes"

A League of Slayers Tale 2

Coming Soon from Secret Cravings


LENGTH: Novella

GENRE: Paranormal

COVER ART: Allison Cassatta

Like many Slayers, Cash has skeletons in the closet he doesn't want to talk about, but unlike his immortal comrades, his pain is still fresh enough he's not quite ready to move on. He's been using sex to replace the love he lost. He's been using his role with The League to keep his mind of his past.

Sabrina lost her sense of sight in her teens, but she overcame, became independent and lived on, keeping one little aspect of her impairment a secret. With a single touch, she can see the present as if she'd never lost the ability to use her eyes. She can also see the past and the future, making her a hot commodity in the war against evil.

Destiny brings her to The League. Fate delivers her to Cash. But are they both ready for what the deities have in store for them?

Coming Soon from Secret Cravings

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