"The Witch's Familiar"

Released September 2011


LENGTH: Novella

GENRE: Paranormal

COVER ART: Allison Cassatta

They say love comes in the most unexpected packages, and nothing could be truer for Brigid-a natural witch with a heart of gold and a heap of unfortunate luck.

After the deaths of her mother and Grandma Ana, she'd found herself-for the most part-alone. She had her cat and her best friend, Christian, the new age shop her grandmother had started and a coven of witches that dated back in the Burning Times, but other than that, she was alone and had lost hope of being complete or happy again. And if things weren't bad enough, she started showing signs of the same illness her family's matriarchs had died from….

Will ancient magick and an unexpected, new-found love be enough to save her life?

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